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1. Half Up Half Down Butterfly Locs. Source. This style is casual but well put together. If you like long locs, this is one of the butterfly locs hairstyles to try. 2. High Ponytail Butterfly Locs With Parting. Source. This style of butterfly locs is pretty and has a nice symmetry to it.

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I wanted to try butterfly locs because the promise of a minimal-tension protective style was alluring, as was the opportunity to channel Ciara, Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and other celebs.

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20- Half-Up Butterfly Locs. Source: Pinterest. This is a stylish hairdo where a portion of Butterfly Locs, typically the top half, is gathered and secured into an updo, leaving the rest of the locs cascading down. This style combines the elegance of Butterfly Locs with the convenience of an updo.

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The small spaces left on opposite sides of the locs create butterfly-like "wings." Because kinky hair has a natural hold to it, simply seal the loc by wrapping until there's no more hair to.

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"Butterfly locs are created by periodically holding pieces of hair outward, while the rest of the hair is wrapped tightly around the shaft of the loc." How long do butterfly locs last?.

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Once you create the butterfly locs, you can divide your hair into two sections and create ponytails on each side. You can position the ponytails high on your head just like above and look super cute. As a nice detail, you can have bangs by letting two of your locs fall down. 4. Blonde Bob Butterfly Locs.

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If you need a step-by-step talk-through tutorial, check out my newest Butterfly Loc video: I have a butterfly locs tutorial.

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9 Ways To Style BUTTERFLY LOCS BOB | Quick and Easy!Hey loves, In today's video, I show you all 9 ways on how to style butterfly locs bob. I take you all thr.

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What Are Butterfly Locs? Butterfly locs should not be confused with the tightly wrapped faux locs that were popular a few years ago, nor are they the same as bouncy and curly passion twists. Rather, they provide a happy medium between the two hairstyles, offering a beautiful, textured boho look.

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Butterfly locs are a protective hairstyle that is popular among women with kinky hair. They are a close relative of distressed locs as well as faux locs. However, unlike the aforementioned styles, butterfly locs hair incorporates curly loops. This feature makes them resemble a butterfly, hence the name. Jungle braids have loops too.

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Home Hair Type Black 50 Fresh Butterfly Locs Ideas for a Natural Hair Queen The Editors Published on November 21, 2023 Ever wondered what exactly butterfly locs are or why they're such a fantastic protective style? Get ready to explore these chic, versatile locks and find answers to all your burning questions right here.

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1. Platinum Blonde Butterfly Locs Are you wondering if blondes really do have more fun? Well, wonder no more because our first look is an absolute head-turner! These platinum blonde butterfly locs transform your natural hair into piles of ashy blonde locks. 613 Blonde BUTTERFLY LOCS TUTORIAL 🦋| #DISTRESSEDLOCS

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40 Beautiful Butterfly Locs Hairstyles to Inspire Your Look Butterfly locs hairstyles are a unique and beautiful way to rock the bohemian look. These locs are created by wrapping synthetic hair around your natural hair, resulting in a textured and voluminous style.

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Butterfly locs feature wavy or curly hair crocheted through hidden braids, then wrapped around them with a special technique to give the resulting "locs" a casual, undone, and textured look. Butterfly locs are a looser, more textured version of the faux locs we all know and love.

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HOW TO STYLE BUTTERFLY LOCS | 10 EASY STYLES Annastacia Hinds 1.11K subscribers Subscribe 58K views 2 years ago If you have trouble styling your butterfly locs this video will most definitely.

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Criss Cross Butterfly Locs. Creating your butterfly locs and shaping them in a criss-cross pattern is quite a stylish way to make your hair. It can be a little tricky, though. You have to section off a quarter of your hair at the front. Decide on how many sections you want to have and apply some shine.